"Enriching Sustainable TVET: Transferring idea into innovative solution"


Pandemic - related Innovation

Industrial Design


Digital Technology

Educational Technology

Green Technology

Important dates

Registration and submitting materials

23 June 2021 (Wed) - 7 July 2021 (Wed)

Submission materials

1 July 2021 (Tues) - 15 July 2021 (Thu)

Evaluation period

16 July 2021 (Fri) – 15 Aug 2021 (Sun)

Result announcement

30 Aug 2021 (Mon)


A - Faculty Member

B - Students

**Group participation may consist of both faculty members & students. However, the group categorization will depend on the type of appointed leader.

Admission fee

Faculty Member- RM30

Student- RM10

Payment via online banking to:

  • Account name: Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
    Bank name: Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad
    Account no: 01070000001716
    Remark: RIC2021

**Please upload the payment proof in the submission form

Award List

Winner (Gold, Sliver and Bronze) will be selected from each sub-theme

Every winner will receive e-certificate for

  1.  Participating
  2.  Presenting (for those who present the project in the YouTube video)
  3.  Winning


Open to FPTV’s staff and student ONLY

  1. Ideas, projects, or products proposed for this competition should have never been proposed in any previous competitions.
  2. Participation is open both to individual or group projects (maximum of THREE (3) people per group including Project Leader).
  3. Each individual is only allowed to enter this competition in not more than 3 entries either as a Project Leader or member
  4. All TVET RIC 2021 committee members are allowed to submit their entry as project members only.
  5. Competition materials to be submitted MUST be in English. Two (2) required materials for this competition are:

    a. Poster
        i. Size dimension: A3
       ii. Format: pdf
      iii. Apply the following name formatting when labelling your poster
          Eg: BPT001_MuhammadAli.pdf
         (ID competition will be given after a registration is made via email)
     iv. Please follow TVET RIC 2021 poster content requirements below:
          ● ID Competition (Place on the upper right corner of the poster)
          ● Name of Project
          ● Name of Leader & Project Members
          ● Project Description
          ● Methodology
          ● Output/Product/Design
          ● Impact of Project

    b. Video Presentation

    i. Video duration is strictly limited to 3 minutes only.
    ii. Video must be uploaded to YouTube channel. Kindly set the privacy setting
        to “UNLISTED” so that the video is restricted to only the internal audiences
        of this competition who have the link.
    iii. The video content should consists of the following qualities: 
        ● Clear description and creative
        ● Clear sound and good lighting quality
        ● Minimum background noise

    ** These two (2) materials need to be submitted together with the submission form

  6. Please refer to Attachment A for the detailed description of assessment criteria
  7. The competition materials will be evaluated by appointed external juries.
  8. Registration form can be accessed at t http://bit.ly/RegisterRIC2021  from 29 th JUNE 2021 until 7 th JULY 2021.
  9. Submission form can be accessed at http://bit.ly/SubmitRIC2021 from 1 JULY until 15th JULY 2021.
  10. Results will be announced on 30th August 2021 via Zoom (http://bit.ly/AwardRIC2021) and FPTV Facebook at 10:00 a.m.* Any changes will be notified.

Any queries?

Please contact organizers:

  1. Dr. Zurina binti Yasak : 019 – 7555290
  2. Dr. Hashima binti Hamid : 019 - 7301780

Assessment Criteria

1. Innovation

The project is focused on a new innovative, idea, and substantially improved design

2. Feasibility & Risks

The project is feasible and the risks have been identified

3. Budget

The project budget is justified and effective

4. Impact

The project has impact on the targeted group and scope of the project.

5. Originality

The product/project is developed based on an original idea or a new intervention.

6. Creativity

The product/project shows outstanding/dynamic ideas

7. Application

The product/project is practical, easy to use and solve the identified problem

8. Functionality

The degree of functionality (features & usefulness) of the product/project to the user.

9. Poster

Based on the poster design; clear explanation of the project through the use of infographic; suitable color combination, layout & text.

10. Video Presentation

The content is delivered fluently within 1-3 minutes; clear explanation of the project; follow the flow of a presentation

Copyright & Disclaimer: Advanced Center for Technical and Vocational Education (ACTiVE) is the exclusive owner of this copyrighted material. You must not use, reproduce, distribute or display (post/upload) this material in any other way, without ACTiVE’s approval and written consent. You also must not allow others to do so.

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