TVET Policy, Curriculum & Assessment

The cluster is responsible for exploring, analyzing and evaluating the latest issues, practices and trends for policy, curriculum and assessment for TVET sustainability as well as proposes evidenced solutions in line with national and global human capital developmental needs.

 The cluster serves to create strategic collaborations with TVET education institution, research and industry locally and abroad through research, consultancy and training activities based on human capital development in the community, national and global environment.

TVET Training, Competencies & Jobs

The cluster is responsible for exploring and conducting scientific research to address current issues in training, competencies and jobs as well as coordinate TVET training to address the human capital potentials.

The cluster works in developing holistic partnerships with various institutions including the relevant ministries and TVET industry locally and globally to ensure the sustainability of the nation's TVET program in terms of employment, development and training that benefits the professional, youth and the general public.

Special Population, Sustainable Development & Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in TVET

The cluster aims to study and explore the issues and needs of specific populations to tap into their potential and foster entrepreneurial thinking through technical and vocational areas in promoting more efficient individual development through the use of ICT to achieve sustainable development.

The cluster serves to create integrated collaboration at ministry, state, district and community levels to meet top-down and bottom-up needs in human, social, physical and economic aspects.

Advanced Centre for Technical and Vocational Education

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, 86400, Johor